Young Researcher Award: This award will be provided to the best young researcher who got successful in life with less age factor being a young researcher. These will be provided to the successful organizations, motivational speakers and many other who are eligible to get the young researcher award. They can even be provided to the PhD scholars.

Women Researcher Award: This award is provided to the best women presentation. It will be totally decided by the Organizing committee members, session chair-co-chair for the conference. Women play a great role in the successful organizing of the event. These are generally the International Event Speakers, Motivational Coaches, and Life Coaches. Our organization provides a great platform to the women scholars for presenting their research work.

Scholar Award: This award is provided to any upcoming researcher during coming days. This is provided to the scientists or Entrepreneurs with more than 8 years of experience in business fields. Nursing Care would like to nominate the best scholar award and provide it through various modes. For this presentation will be included for 15-20 minutes and will be decided accordingly. It will be given to those who offer audience the most insightful content.

Speaker/ Poster Presentation Award: This award is provided to the speakers for best presentations during the conference. Speakers need to submit an Abstract and their talk will be finalized accordingly and nominations will be taking place after the end of the conference. It is applicable to the university researchers.

This award will be provided to the best poster presenter for the conference. It is generally presented by the students, PHD scholars, we set up a platform for scientists & researchers to gather and share their knowledge. Each attendee will be seeing the poster presented by the attendees and will be decided accordingly as per that. It will be given to those presenters who are showing deep understanding in the subject. It will be totally dependent upon relevant value of the content. It will be judged upon the different percentile criteria like 50% Clarity of content, 20% over all knowledge about the poster presentation, 20% Interaction with the audience and 10% design & visual presentation.

Keynote Speaker Award: This award will be provided to the best keynote speakers from Day 1 & day 2 of the conference. Keynote speaker award finalization will be decided by the organizing committee members & sessions chair- co-chair.