There are two types of visas issued by the Canadian Government:

  1. Temporary Visa
  2.  Permanent Visa

Any citizen of Foreign national who is basically not a citizen of Canada or doesn’t have visa exemption or electronic travel authorization (ETA) may apply for visa to enter the country. The Canadian Government issues the following two types of visas to Foreign Nationals:

Temporary Visa: This visa allows person to stay for a specific period of time in Canada. Time duration for the stay can be 6 months. They are also categorised as Single entry visas or multiple entry visas.

Single Entry Visas: In this visa a person can stay for 6 months in Canada and then are advised to return back to their home country.

Multiple Entry Visas: These types of Visas allow the person to enter the Canada multiple times until the time their visa expires.

The list of temporary tourist visa is:

  1. Tourist Visa: It is given to the tourist for travelling purposes.
  2. Student Visa: This type of visa is given to those who gets an admission from the Canadian embassy to complete their education.
  3. Organs Donor Visa: This type of visa is given to those persons for the purpose of donating an organ to the Canadian Citizen.
  4. Giving Birth Purpose Visa: This type of visa is given to the people who fulfil all the criteria to stay temporary in Canada who are pregnant and want to give birth in the country.
  5. Business Visa: Group of Individuals who want to travel to Canada for business purposes can avail business visa.
  6. Facilitation Visa: Canadian Citizen with dual nationality who don’t have Canadian passport but have passport of another nationality.
  7. Courtesy Visa: Person who doesn’t qualify for a diplomatic and official visa but are considered really very important due to their ranks and positions.
  8. Diplomation/ Official Visa: This type of visa is issued to for Official duties and purposes and is given to official and diplomats from foreign countries to enter Canada.
  9. Temporary Foreign Workers: This type of visa is given to those people who have a job offer in Canada and usually works for 6 months.
  10. Temporary Resident Permit: This permit is generally given to those people who need to go to Canada for different purposes but are not admissible for temporary resident visa.

Permanent Canada Visa: These visas allows individual to get permanent settle in the Country. They are also known as Immigrant Visas and can be of different types:

  1. Business Immigrant Visa: It is basically categorized into 3 types:

Self-Employee Person Program: People who have skills in business, athletics and can start their own business.

Entrepreneur Program: The people who are individually involved in contribution to the economy.

Immigrant Investor Programme: People who make investment in Canadian economy.

        2.Canada Experience Class: It is given to those individuals who have a temporary student visa and they want to switch to permanent visa.